Being grateful to one’s deeds

Islam teaches its ummah to be grateful to the good deeds, help, or kindness bestowed to them. E.g. if someone helped you monetarily or by providing food, clothes and polite advises. The gratefulness shall be in compliance and non-gratefulness is non-compliance to Islamic values, provided that you are in return not requested to be part of any evil doing. If in the event, you need to in return collaborate for evil doing, you must refuse. This you cannot called as ungrateful. There is a misunderstandings among some Muslims in general and Indian Muslims in particular that Malay community are not grateful to their masters after being accorded the help, or kindness or on the basis ‘Melayu Mudah lupa’ the kindness or help already extended to them. Nevertheless, any help and kindness from one must not be forgotten and shall be in return being grateful to, but for evil doing this shall not be extended, otherwise it defeat the purpose and meaning of ‘grateful’. Meanwhile being thankful is to remember the good deeds one has extended to us, if the person abuse this, or tried to abuse this as means to obtained undivided obligation to fulfill whatever requested by the provider even if its wrong, than the receiver by all means have the right to refuse obligation to fulfill the request. In fact it is the religious duty and obligation for the receiver to be witness to wrongdoing of the provider to ensure truth and justice are served.

In a nutshell, truth and justice supersedes the obligation to be grateful to someone, when you are in the position to upheld the truth and justice which is what a true Muslim shall perform, even if its against own family members, as our beloved prophet pbuh has said once, that even if his daughter Fatimah r.a. is caught steeling, he will met out the punishment as per the Qur’an’s hudud law against her. So Islam takes the side of truth and justice over obedience and gratefulness for worldly helps done.

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Ramadan Kareem

Assalamualaikum, w.b.r,

Wishing all muslims Ramadan Al Mubarak. May Allah accept your prayers and in return bless you with abundance of wealth, health, happiness  in this world and award you with Jannah-tul-Firdaus hereafter.Ramadan Kareem

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Misleading Friday sermons in all major Mosques

Assalamualaikum w.b.r.

All praises to Allah the Almighty Creator and Sustainer of the Universe and all the others.

Today when I switch on the car radio for Friday sermons on my way to Friday prayers, It was unbelievable to hear the Friday sermons that are politically lopsided and bias and against the Islamic values. The sermons warned Muslims against taking part in any rallies (it was generically referred as any street demos and rallies). It implies that even if the leaders are corrupted, unfair and immoral the public must be loyal to them, and cannot participate in street protests. The sermon is against Islamic values, because in Surah Al-Asr, Allah s.w.t. Almighty and Glorious is He, says, “By the time (1) verily man is in loss. (2) But not those who believe and work righteous deeds, and enjoin upon each other the truth and enjoin upon each other steadfastness. (3)” (AlAsr)

Hence it is the duty of every Muslim to enjoin upon each other the truth, in this case if leaders are corrupt/unfair/irresponsible/dishonest and immoral the public have the right to demonstrate and rallies. This rights are enshrined in the Holy Quran.

For example if there is injustices committed by leaders, no matter what the leaders must be brought to justice by the people, if the existing system is lopsided. The biggest responsibility is for the Muslim Scholars who delivers Friday Sermons, for them they need to ensure the truth is said, even if it against their well-being as this is what Islam demands.


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Hello world!

My Photo in Pandan Indah office

My Photo in Pandan Indah

Welcome to my personal blog site. This blog is dedicated for my personal blogging. I will write my opinion, personal experience as well as family experience here! Enjoy your stay here.

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